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T R U S T T H E P R O C E S S . . .

There are not cheat codes for life and very few hard fast rules to apply to it either.

Life is nuanced, layered and complex. However, one idea/theory we can use and point to empirical evidence for is that everything is in a constant state of change. Nothing stays the exact same over time. It grows, dissolves, heals, reacts, etc. in its lifetime.


The idea of that changes is at the core of my belief in trusting the process. Nothing stays the same over time; not you, not darkness, not light, not anything. Even love adapts to its surroundings. Living in constant survival mode can cause us to think of cycles as the same and inevitable; however, your participation and engagement with them is not.


Whatever your goal, journey or idea is, trusting that it will be will make it so. That trust relies on your spirituality and/or your divine energy. It includes taking the steps and doing the work. It includes growth, openness and checking in with yourself. It stands in consistency and commitment. It's about taking L's but knowing that everything is in a constant state of changes and that you won't be down forever (or up all the time either).

"Trusting the process includes celebrating all of the wins, no matter how big or small" - Seoul


The goal could be healing, loving yourself, professional goals or exercise. Trust the process. Walk or workout three days a week and feel your body change in three months. Go to therapy and work through the tough parts and see life differently as you heal. Start that podcast or Twitch channel today and look at how much better your are @ producing, recording and editing in a year.

No matter how big or how simple the goal, project or idea, when you trust the process you will be better at and hold more knowledge about it than you did when you started. You just have to start, and you guessed it TRUST THE PROCESS.



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