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E F F I C I E N C Y & P R O D U C T I V I T Y

I stopped trying to do every thing every day.

how to be more productive and efficient

I recently was feeling much more productive and organized (which I am not naturally an organized person) and I thought about why. Often times I have this internal dialogue and debriefing because I feel like it helps me be present, intentional and ultimately my favorite self.

What was it that was working for me? I stopped trying to do every thing every day. It forced me to be patient, aligned, and let things flow. It also allowed me to focus on things; instead of knowing a little about a lot, or being good at a lot of things. Now I'm able to be great at a few things, or an expert in specific areas.

Before, I always found comfort and status in being versatile. If someone wanted to know something or needed a specific type of work I knew enough about it to join the conversation, or take on the job and learn what I needed to as I went along. I equated this to my basketball career where I was a solid 3/4 who could handle the ball, pass, and rebound (along with my scoring).

But, being versatile in my professional & personal life as a thirty-something left me always fitting into spaces others created as opposed to standing in my own. Once I picked my lane(s) I was able to focus and expand. It wasn't that I stopped doing all of the things I enjoyed or was good at, I honed my knowledge and craft in ea

ch which increased my value.

With work it allowed me time to be more accurate and create ways to have a better impact on my company. With HIAH WRLD and my personal endeavors it allowed me to plan, engage, and fine tune things without feeling overwhelmed (which can sideline me or produce sub par work). With my physical health and training it allowed me to focus and get the most of out my workouts.

You may be different, but I do challenge you to walkthrough what works for you and what doesn't. And then put something into your daily routine that gets you wherever it is you're going.

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