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Personal Mission Statement sounds way less cool than Rooted Purpose Declaration.

I think everyone should at least think about their personal mission statement (ROOTED PURPOSE) if only to have that self-awareness about themselves. Businesses use mission statements as a core piece of why they exist and the values that drive them. Strategy, tactics and overall operations are (supposed to be) tied to that original mission.

We as individuals are no different as we navigate this thing called life.

As we grow, heal and level up, having our rooted purpose allows us to check in, thing about decisions and hold ourselves accountable for our own happiness, health and growth. These statements or declarations don't need to be long or descriptive. If it helps write them down, or just keep them in your mind.

Think About YOU

Think about who you were, who you are and who you want to be. Not always, but many times there is something that ties all of YOU together. Is it love? Humor? Interests? Values or morals or ethics? Starting with you helps you even check in with yourself to make sure you're doing good; and it will help you identify your core beliefs.

Tie It All Together

Once you've identified what it is that you are rooted in keep it broad and think about how no matter what you do or where you're at it will apply and keep you anchored. My rooted purpose applies to my personal and professional life; it spans all of my relationships and personal brand. This also took me a lot of L's, therapy and life changes to get here, but in doing so it's helped me tremendously.

My rooted purpose is to love and reflect the beauty and light in and to the world around me.

No matter what season I'm in I check in with myself and evaluate whether what I'm saying, doing or manifesting is aligned with my rooted purpose. If it isn't I take time to make moves to ensure that it is.


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