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O W N E R S H I P & T H E B O S S U P

Who's a boss or owner anyways?

I recently saw a clip from Assets Over Liabilities where they talked about being a boss and being an owner. The overall idea is that not everyone can be or wants to be a boss, but with the financial tools that are more accessible now anyone can be an owner.

As an entrepreneur that resonated with me and sparked a train of thoughts as I broke down how this topic could positively affect our own self awareness and so I quickly drafted some quick notes and ideas.


Success, flex, contentment and happiness are what you make it. Not what others are doing or what you think you should be doing at your age or place in life. However, that disconnect between what you truly want and what you do and engage with is real and can lead to depression, anxiety and a sense of feeling out of place or like a failure.


Finding your tribe is key because it is there with your tribe members that you feel accepted and a part of something because of who you are. Digging within yourself (sifting through the good the bad and the ugly) and figuring out what makes you happy and doing the small things daily for that.

For example, meditation, forgiving yourself, exercise, etc. We don't all have the same 24 hours, but we do have an amazing brilliance and light inside. The work is to keep it from being put out by outside things and fostering it to shine.


So, we're not all bosses or owners and we don't have to be. But, if you want to be you can use tools, knowledge and experience to get there.

We are, however, the keepers of ourselves. We're our own CEO's, managers, project leaders, directors, accountants, creatives, nurturers and main character. How's business going? How's the story developing? Is it aligned with your rooted purpose?


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